About us
We are a venture capital investment firm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
We founded Raio in 2021 so as to achieve high returns from investing in businesses that will shape society's landscape in the future. The road is a long one, and we prefer to view our path as a marathon, rather than a sprint. That's why we have been carefully developing our investment analysis process, our ways of communicating with people, and our company culture.

We value entrepreneurship as one of the most important driving forces for change and look at our role as a supporting, albeit fundamental, one. We are respectful to whomever we are in contact with, and strive to deliver excellent results through our careful, disciplined and diligent way of being.

So far, we have invested in 16 companies, had 2 high-return exits, and developed meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs. This is just the beginning. We have a lot in store for Raio's future.