• Our investments

    We look for the combination of great ideas and great execution.

  • A curated closet in the cloud. Managed marketplace of fashion items for sale and rental.
  • B2C platform for calculating and paying taxes on gains from trading stocks.
  • High impact customized videos, through a simple, agile, scalable and performance-oriented process.
  • Online video classes for medical students taking residency tests.
  • B2B SaaS for optimizing procurement through artificial intelligence.
  • GMO-free, controlled environment urban farming
  • SaaS company focused on developing tools for SMB's personnel department.
  • Digital wallet integrating banking services for teenagers.
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  • Reporting channel to prevent unethical conduct in the corporate environment
  • Subscription for pet food made with natural, human grade, ingredients.
  • B2C platform facilitating access to legal advice and services.
  • Correction engine (AI + human) for college entrance examinations essays.
  • B2B platform that unites sponsors and social projects through data intelligence
  • B2B2C platform that enables students to write and illustrate their own book.
  • Banking as a service fintech company focused on B2B.
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